Communication & WebMarketing




Social media marketing

We do more than the simple management of the social pages, we start from the analysis of your image, or create one ,in mocdo that through tools such as photography, video, or creations of the advertising we produce pages successful on facebook, istagram, twitter


Video service

Submit your restaurant to those who do not know it is important as it is to communicate what you do, who knows, for this we create video presentation for the locals who want to get known, but also for those who want to give prominence to a product, service or an event in particular.


Service photos

The photos always an element of communication, nowadays with the development of the social has become element of the essential part of communication, imprescendibile if you want to have success.

Thanks to our photographers we will be able to transmit the five senses in a single sense, that of the view represented by the image


Service creation and restyling web site

We do not have infiti ways to introduce ourselves to our audience but certainly the most important and the most used is that of the internet site, create or rielabboriamo your internet site in order to make it eye-catching and fluibile from desktop or mobile device

Create a website